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FAQ's N Stuff

Q. What is the demographic of a Moshee event?

A: Moshee events consist of attractive, outgoing, professional people. These are folks from all races, creeds and backgrounds. They not only look good, they are good. You can almost always expect a balanced crowd of men and women between the ages of 22 and 42 - with an average age, in most cases, about 35 or so.

Q. What exactly is a Lock and Key party?

A: You can expect to meet plenty of cool, “unattached” people at our events. Our favorite event is the “Lock And Key” party. It’s like a hip “happy hour” with a very interesting ice-breaker to insure everybody meets each other. All the ladies wear a tiny lock around their neck and the guys get the keys. The goal is to find as many matches and collect as many tickets as possible for some

fabulous prize giveaways. Forget the online chats and emails...let's meet in person and build some serious acquaintances fast!

Q. What is the dress code at a Moshee event?

A: Clothing is definitely not optional. LOL Typical dress code is “nightlife sexy or trendy”. No need for ties or anything too fancy. No need for tennis shoes and shorts either…well, for guys anyway.

Q. Why would I attend a Moshee event?

A: Moshee events are a great way for young professionals to experience Los Angeles and do so with a sexy, fun and gender-balanced crowd. That’s right! Expect crowds of 110-150 people.

Q. If I purchase my ticket in advance and cannot make the event, do you offer refunds?

A: You have nothing to worry about. There is no need for a refund because we throw great events every single month. Your ticket is good for any similar event for years to come - just hold on to your ticket and notify us by email and we will be glad to accommodate you.

Q. What other services does Moshee offer?

A: Moshee caters to those who want to improve their physical appeal, sensuality, charm and confidence. Our one night clinics and classes are an absolute blast and are very interactive too -

take what you learn in one, short session and instantly apply it for immediate and positive results!

Q. I want to sponsor or advertise my products or services with Moshee to reach your clientele. What do I do first?

A: We would love to see if any of your products or services might fit in with our demographic. Think hip, sexy, fashionable, upper scale or something regarding alcohol and beverages and you are on the right track. Just go to our "contact us" page or give us a call.

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