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"We Found Love, Romance, Friends and more..."

“I attended one of your Lock and Key parties - so original!” It`s BY FAR the most effective way to meet great looking men and women and not get any `attitude`. - Brett, 37, LA

“I just wanted to tell all of you that your networking event was really fun. The guys were HOT!! You guys are pretty smart having an equal gender balance too. Thank you for a wonderful night.” – Macaela, 33 Long Beach

“Wow, this was a total blast! I got to hang out with some really interesting guys and made some new female friends too. Pretty cool concept!” - Michelle, 26 Hollywood

“I was leary about going to a singles event, but I was quite impressed. It is one thing to go to a happy hour and see a lot of women you’d like to say hello to. It is another thing entirely to know that you can approach every one of them without getting the cold shoulder! Everybody was very friendly, fun, attractive, and talkative. - Robert, 31 Culver City

“Just a quick email to say how I really enjoyed your professional mixer party. I thought the whole idea was so well planned and well organized. It was really a fun night and a great opportunity to meet people, and I think I speak for a lot of the people who were there. Prizes were great, (I’m really happy as I won!). Thanks!” – Kara, 25 LA

“I think your social mixer party was a blast! The women that were there were not pretentious or stuck up. I was totally impressed! I am going out with a girl I met there this Tuesday – wish me luck!” - Christian, 27 Manhattan Beach

“I wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for putting together such a great party on Saturday night! I wasn’t sure just what to expect - but as the night progressed, I really had a good time.” - Mark, 36, Hermosa Beach

“I have never seen anything where I could actually meet so many good looking people - nice ones too. Finally, I am in control and felt really comfortable approaching men I didn`t know all because I wanted to see if we would unlock. When`s your next one??” - Patti, Age 37

“I really enjoyed the Lock And Key Event last week. I met a lot of very nice people, female as well as male. Thanks for a fun evening, and I will be thinking of your staff, while I am on my date tonight. LOL! ” - Tara, 31, S. Pasadena

“The event was great and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the people there. It was very comfortable and fun.” - Eric, 33

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